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Content permissions

Content licensing and usage

Here is a rough list of who owns what and what can be done with it.

As a rough guide, if something has been offered up for download, then you definitely have permission to use it for personal use (that's why it is available for download). If something has not been offered for download, then this may mean that the item cannot be used without permission. Further information on various different media types are listed below. If you want to use these files for non-personal purposes, have spotted a photo missing an attribution, or are interested in using other parts of the website, please contact the Web Monkey

Check back each time you want to use something, as permissions may change from time to time.


Photos are property of Anonymous Morris unless otherwise credited. Please ask if you want to use them. Obviously, we cannot give you permission to use photos credited to other people, so you will need to contact them for permission to use those images.
A number of the photos on our site are used courtesy of Jo Elkington, who has kindly supplied us with unwatermarked web suitable versions of some of her photos of us.

Graphics on the dance pages are currently generally available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Licence, attributable to Alex Bebb. Why you might want to use them, I don't know, but you can as long as you follow the licence. The current exceptions are the thumb icon, which has put up on the Open Clipart Library, and thus is public domain. The Salop Arms image for the dances Shropshire Morris, and the logo for Bluejay are also in the public domain. The logos for Clockwork Badger, Dawley, Smuggling and Upton-upon-Severn belong to Anonymous Morris, so contact us if you wish to use these.

Sheet music images, if they are useful to you, take them. They do have the names of the dances we use them for on as well as the tune title and have extra notation that will be unique to our dances, so that probably limits what you can do with them, but that is easily gotten around. At the end of the day though, you could likely find better elsewhere.

Other Media

MIDI files you can take and do whatever you want with. This site also offers up ABC files of each of the tunes, and with the right software or web application, such as ABC Converter, you can make those same MIDIs yourself in no time. No point stopping you if you want to share them around.

Dance Notation are for your personal use. Make use of them, give them as crummy birthday presents, whatever. Because our dance descriptions are detailed in an attempt to make them clear even for beginners, they take a lot of time and effort to draw up. Feel free to learn the dance and use this text, just let people know that the write ups are ours. Even if we learnt the dance from another side, this write up is all our work and so the the text belongs to us, even if the dance moves they describe doesn't. Anonymous Morris will not be held responsible for anyone who suffers injury, death or poor positioning during a dance from the use of these dance instructions.

Music PDFs are also for your personal use. Like the midis, if you use an ABC program you can roll your own fairly easily, dropping the Anonymous text, and you can remove the dance information, so there is not much point in restricting use on these. I think the obvious thing here is that if you and your friends want to download the PDF and learn the tune, go for it.

Written content is copyright to whichever Anonymous Morris member wrote which page. Fair use applies, and if you do find the need to use any of our text elsewhere, email the Web Monkey.I highly doubt you want to use it anyway, unless you just happen to be starting a border morris group in Poole, called Anonymous Morris. If this is the case, then we challenge you to duel. May the best side win ...

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It is PRACTICE SEASON and we can be found at our practice hall every week until early June.

We rehearse Thursdays from 7:30 - 9:30pm,
St John's Heatherlands, 378A Ashley Road, Poole, BH14 9DQ

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