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Useful Links

Useful Links

Here we shall be putting links to our friends and to other websites that we think might be interesting or useful for anyone wanting to know more.

  • The Taborers Society
    Here you can actually buy a traditional three hole morris pipe. Also has links to pipe and tabor makers.
  • Marcus Music
    Make, sell and repair some very nice concertinas and drums.
  • Hobgoblin
    Acoustic and Folk instrument specialists
Morris sides

Some significant sides to us - either because we are local and dance with them frequently, or because they're just awesome. Other flavours of morris side are available.

  • New Forest Meddlars
    Dance both Border and Cotswold morris. Thanks to Pete for some very helpful ideas.
  • Boggart's Breakfast
    Boggart's Breakfast were the side that inspired the formation of Anonymous Morris. Thanks for allowing us to use their photo on posters and thanks to Grace for answering all our questions.
  • Hunters Moon Morris
    Mixed Border Morris side based in Eastbourne.
  • Quayside Cloggies
    Local ladies North West Morris side based in Winton.
  • Bourne River Morris
    Men's Cotswold side in Bournemouth.
  • Bassett Street Hounds
    We're listed on their site, so it seems only fair. Based in Syracuse, NY, they have a good amount of information on their website, and were the original writers of the dance Bluejay.
Other Useful Links
  • The Morris Federation
    One of the three morris organisations, and the one of which are a member side.
  • Dark Dorset
    Dorset Folklore site. They have kindly been spreading the word about us, and for that alone they deserve a place on our link page. But the site is certainly worth checking out if you are interested in local folklore and customs.
  • Morris Dancers of England
    A site that sells affordable DVDs of morris dancing. Lots of DVDs of individual sides. A much better way to watch morris dancing than low resolution clips on You Tube.
  • UK Folk Music
    This site aims to become a portal for all things folk in the UK.

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Practice will resume in September at our practice hall:
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