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Not Not for Joe

Not Not for Joe

Taken from the dancing of Hunters Moon, with the addition of the figure 'Spin Doctor' created by Henry Proctor of Anonymous Morris.


This is a dance for 4 people, starting with a dance on.

Figure Music
Walk on A
Hey A
Chorus B
Spin A
Chorus B
Pochette A
Chorus B
Left Hand Star A
Chorus B
Across the Set A
Chorus B
Hey and Finish AB
Walk On (A)
Count Moves
1-14 Dancers dance on in order, usually in a U shape to end up in a straight line up and down with the number 1 at the top. Numbers 1 and 3 turn around (turning right) so that 1 is facing 2 and 3 is facing 4.
15-16 In time with the final phrase of the music, the dancers do three quick forehand strikes (on 15-and-16).
Hey (A)
Count Moves
1-14 Four person hey, starting right shoulder. End back in postion facing your partner.
15-16 Continuing to step, the dancers do three quick forehand strikes in time with the music (on 15-and-16).
Chorus (B)
Throughout the chorus, dancers spend two beats moving into position and two beats performing stick strikes with another dancer. When moving to new positions, those at the end of the line (1 and 4 at the start of the chorus) move forwards and turn to take up a new position back-to-back facing across the set.
At the same time as this, the two dancers in the centre of the line (2 and 3 at the start of the chorus) dance sideways, turning so they finish their move moving backwards into place at the end of the new line across the set.
Dancers 1 and 4 move anti-clockwise around the set, while dancers 2 and 3 move clockwise.
For example, in beats 1 and 2, the dancers will move from this position:
to this position:
3 1 4 2
Count Moves
1-2 Move to new place.
3-4 Step on the spot, striking on each beat (forehand on 3, backhand on 4).
5-16 Repeat beats 1-4 a further 3 times, continuing to alternate two steps to change position and two steps to stick strike. This should take you back to your starting place.
Spin (A)
Count Moves
1-8 Swap stick to left hand; spin with partner (right arms around each others' stomachs)
9-14 Return stick to right hand; spin with partner (left arms around each others' stomachs), slightly faster than the first turn.
15-16 Back in place, step on the spot, with three quick forehand strikes in time with the music (as before).
Chorus (B)
Pochette (A)
This figure can be thought of as a 1 and 3 doing a giant back to back with 2 and 4.
Count Moves
1-2 Go forward boldly, passing right shoulder with your partner so you don't run into them.
3-4 Step two to your right. Make sure that both 4 and 2 pass behind 1, and that both 1 and 3 pass behind 4.
5-8 Take four steps backwards. This will then allow us to do basically the same thing in reverse.
9-10 Two surging steps forwards ( ending up where you were on step 5, before the backwards steps).
11-12 Two steps to your left. As before, make sure that both 4 and 2 pass behind 1, and that both 1 and 3 pass behind 4.
13-14 Two steps backwards to place (note, this is quick to allow for the stick strikes).
15-16 Back in place, step on the spot, with three quick forehand strikes in time with the music (as before).
Chorus (B)
Left Hand Star (A)
Count Moves
1 Step to get in position for the star (similar to the movements in the chorus). The dancers on the ends move in and a tiny bit to the right, people in the middle back up and move a tiny bit to the left.
2 Take hold to form the star, each person gripping the wrist of ther person in front of them with their left hand.
3-12 Push sticks out (on beat 3) and take the star around
13-14 Return to place.
15-16 Back in place, step on the spot, with three quick forehand strikes in time with the music (as before).
Chorus (B)
Across the Set (A)
Count Moves
1-4 Four steps to your right (turning out as a part of the first step). 1 and 3 should move together, as should 2 and 4.
5 Turn 180 right to face back in.
6-12 Step back across the set, ensuring that on beat 8 you clash with your partner as you move through the middle. Keep going until you're out on the far side.
13-14 Return to place, quickly!
15-16 Back in place, turn right and, stepping on the spot, with three quick forehand strikes in time with the music (as before).
Chorus (B)
Hey and Finish (AB)
Count Moves
1-12 Four person hey along the set.
13-16 When number 1 gets back to place, they lead out into a clockwise circle and the rest follow as they complete the hey.
Music transitions to the B melody
1-14 Dancer 1 continues circling and then leads the dancers away, ending in a line, with everyone facing along the line.
15-16 Turn 1/4 right and stop stepping on 15; strike the ground twice on "And-16", while looking up at the audience. Hoild this posture (sticks on the ground, looking up at the audience) until dancer 1's signal.
Rules of Thumb
Rules of Thumb

Unless otherwise specified, the following general rules apply:

  1. Always start right foot first.
  2. There are 4 beats to a bar. This works out as two steps.
  3. The top of the set is towards the band. Likewise, the bottom of the set is away from the band.
  4. When resting stick on shoulder, the tip of the stick should be level with the middle of your ear.
  5. Turns on the spot will usually be right-hand turns (clockwise). Common exceptions are when dancers need to turn in or out of a set the shortest way.
  6. When passing shoulders with another dancer, the first pass will be a right-shoulder pass. Many dances will have figures that alternate right and left shoulders.
  7. Where a fast turn on the spot is needed, it will be on the first beat of the bar. E.g. If you need to turn and then move across the set, you can count it as 'turn, two, three, four'.
  8. Swings with a partner will be right-hand (clockwise), with the stick held in the left hand, unless otherwise specified.
  9. Figures are usually in multiples of four beats. If you mentally keep counting 'one, two, three, four', then you'll have a good idea of when to move and change.

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